natures raw face & body bar

natures raw face & body bar

all organic facials are $90 plus HST

Our natural and organic face and body bar is bursting with fresh ingredients in their most raw basic form. We use powerful botanicals, clays, and other all-natural earth elements to safely and effectively treat your skin. (Please let us know if you have any allergies as we offer nut free ingredient options)

**All organic facial treatments include 24k pulse energy massage, facial rolling, cupping, or gua sha facial massage**

Wild and Acne Free

  • This Deep pore cleansing facial helps to draw out impurities, reduces excess oil, preps the skin for extractions and calms irritation using white willow bark, green matcha and French green clay.

Good Karma Great Skin

  • This gentle exfoliating facial combines beautiful French pink clay with the powerful botanical extract, rosehip, which is high in essential fatty acids, including the naturally occurring form of vitamin A (retinoic acid). This anti-aging facial is bound to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and glowing.

Free Spirit Sensitive

  • Improve complexion and reduce inflammation with this all natural soothing and cooling facial combining kaolin, matcha, lavender and aloe elements. This facial can incorporate ice globe facial massage for those not sensitive to temperature.

Boho Beauty Custom

  • Custom fit for you. After analyzing your skin, we will carefully select and create the perfect combination of raw ingredients to treat your immediate skincare needs.

**Add a CBD boost to any of the above facials for a cool $20**